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Accessibility Resources

In here you will find links to many different resources related to accessibility. I've tried to group them under headings but some fall into more than one category. In some cases I'll list the same resource multiple times if it's clearly part of multiple categories. If there is only a tangential relationship, I'll probably not relist the reference.

In an attempt to keep this page from getting stale or opinionated, there is little to no detail beyond high level descriptions, where I felt it could be useful. Please click through the links and you should have the most current information directly from the sources themselves.

And this page is very far from exhaustive. That's not my goal, or realistic. If you need support locally or are looking for something fairly specific, do a web search (bing it ;) ).

Standards and Guidelines

Specifications for accessibility for the web as well as desktop and mobile applications are being developed at the World Wide Web Consortium (w3c) within the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). It's full of great resources; here are some links to start your journey:

Learn About Accessibility

Links here are to resources to learn about accessibility in general including how to develop accessible software applications. Many of the sources here are free (maybe after registering at their website) and some are commercial. Who knows what the future holds WRT business plans, though I'd be surprised if many of these resources changed their access policies. I might add some text with the link depending on my experience with the resource. Lack of description for a resource only means I don't know much about it, not whether it's useful or its quality.

Learning From Individuals

The following list is to individuals associated with accessibility. It's probably mostly blogs though maybe other articles and activities. These are people I've come across in searches, articles, forums,slack, podcasts, etc... The list is alphabetical to not imply any sort of preferences as I don't personally know (yet) anyone on this list.

As I was adding the link for Estelle Weyl, I added a line about how encouraging I found it to know there are people like Estelle dedicated to making the web an accessible platform. I felt a bit uncomfortable with that comment being under a specific person. Estelle certainly does sound like an amazing person, and so do all the individuals in this list. And of course this list is limited by my exposure and certainly misses many people. So I'll say in this opening comment to the list it's great knowing there are so many talented and empathetic people dedicated to building and maintaining an accessible web.

Blindness Organizations

I don't know about the politics of these organizations though have heard opinions expressed. I'm going to steer clear of any commentary and simply list the URLs. Listing here is only an acknowledgement of existence, nothing regarding my opinions . And the lists are alphabetical (WRT American English), so no inferences. Though International is listed first, then country headings are also alphabetical.


Canadian Based

United States Based

Accessibility Focused Companies

As with organizations, there is intentionally little or no text with these links. I don't (as of 2022-09-15) have experience working with any of these companies. If you are in need of accessibility services, like with engaging with any company, do your research to find what meets your needs.

Where are the overlay companies? I decided after reading a lot about the practices of overlay companies, to not add them here. Karl Groves has a lot to say about overlays, and it's consistent with everything else I've heard.


I hesitated adding a testing section as any of the companies listed above will do accessibility testing. They all have different approaches and different models of engagement/partnership. I did run across a link though that didn't fit anywhere else, so now we have a testing section. At some point I'll add things like tools and maybe blog posts addressing accessibility testing.

If you're looking for someone to help test your digital assets, the companies above might be a good starting list. Though you might be better served by an individual consultant or searching for local agencies. As always, an internet search can be helpful (be careful though you don't go with the company with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs the best accessibility provider for your needs).


I'm adding this section after reading a comment in the general channel of the a11y slack workspace. Someone posted a link to a United Nations (UN) resource with a table of the various laws passed in different countries. It seemed like something worth knowing, and something I'd easily lose track of. I don't expect this section to become a list of lawsuits or pontificating on the role law should play in accessibility. I'll add more links here if the seem to have a broad appeal from an informational perspective, not opinion.

Email Lists and Group Forums

With a little searching, you can find plenty of email lists and group forums with discussions on a multitude of topics related to accessibility. I'm not going to list much here, there are way too many with most of them focused on specific topics and/or products. I'll list ones I find particularly interesting that might be harder to find by searching alone.


Do you have suggestions for additions to this page? Or think something is misrepresented? Please create an issue in the repo and be clear it is for the Accessibility Resources. I assume you could find an email address for me, and I might reply if you do. It would be helpful though for others reading this page to have discussions of its content tracked in the repo.

Thanks for your time and interest in accessibility. Cheers!