CLI Commands

Here we have commands, some grouped by program or technologies, I've used and want to remember. Mostly they are commands I might not use very often but have found very useful. You might read through this and think, wow, Joel needs to up his game of memory. While that might be true, cut me some slack. It might be many of these commands I now recall easily but keep them here in case others have stumbled across this resource and found it helpful. That's the story I'm going with.


Note on accessibility of the docker descktop dashboard - the tab order appears to be out of whack. As I was tabbing through, I heard in wht sounded like the middle of the app three unlabeled buttons. I was told those are the close, minimize, and maximize buttons on the window. Your situation might be different, but if you find threee unlabeled buttons in what sounds like the middle of the dashboard, and all other buttons sound fine, it might be okay to simply ignore those. Keep in mind Im using NVDA on Windows 11. And this is Docker Desktop connected to hub version 4.12.0, and I'm writing this in October, 2022.

Check out the online documentation for the complete Docker CLI

WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux